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  1. honestly that should be zapped out from under the armor. Its a huge project, I am sure @Souichirou will get it soon.
  2. purple means missing textures. not the case here. sadly i have downloaded this and looked everything over, there is just no reason that i can possibly think of why your having any issues at all, except the cause of a different mod. you can try disabling iAS and see if it fixes its self.
  3. so the outfit moves, but not the body? the body is always controlled by the 3BA mod its self rather than by any mod. It sounds like the 3BA mod may not be installed correctly. Bodyslide 2021.06.18 -
  4. your using all these words, but I can not picture what your talking about in the slightest. do you have a picture or something that can help me understand what "Horrible way" and "Strange issue" may possibly mean? you have provided no details at all except something to do with bodyslide.. possibly..
  5. You should be able to just build without the 3BA options. I dont have 3BA either, i just have the bodyslide options, i always have friends test out the 3BA version for me while i test the CBBE regular.
  6. you will need to get "Saxlab unfiltered" to enable the teens.
  7. Honestly too much information. the screenshot in your game showing which 4 and links to the mod you use containing the file is really all that i needed, linking that many mods and repeating the armors made me think you wanted a bunch of others as well. Honestly it is about as much work as adding HDT as it is to make it for another body type for me. I do CBBE static (Non physics) and CBBE 3BAv2 as a standard, included in the price. BHUNP on the other hand had a stupid amount of sliders that are actually just presets and are very annoying, takes about 4X as long to do that one
  8. The screenshots provided are while using 3BA. Do you have 3BA installed?
  9. The masters that it uses also use sexlab, and to remove them i would be remaking a mod from scratch. The original version of the mod "Sexy bandit Captives" was not even made by me.
  10. Ashtoreth = She. lol. And i am not the best with HDT, Though I am honored to have people believe that I am. As for HDT support, I did just do a scarf and muffler on another port i just finished. I will attach the video of my HDT I did on it. It looks like this mod has a total of 4 different meshes, with many color variations. But its just 4 meshes so that is all I will charge for. so for this, i would charge $60 for. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3479 - I am counting 4 Capes maybe? Add $60 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/8110 - T
  11. I always try to impress. I am glad you like it!
  12. The tassels everywhere except the chest are all HDT, but since they are so small you really can't tell.. For the tails, it's a separate piece by its self so you can use it anywhere, including replacing the khajiit tails.
  13. I am touching it up, but it will be ready soon! The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.06.14 -
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