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  1. @kayjayuk could you join my discord and message me? I'm curious of what your seeing. It should have the same faces that my sassy teen dolls have basically. If not then I would like to help fix this.
  2. Other than the tri files, the rest is done by scripting, and in the esp. the vampire scripts are by far, skyrims hardest scripts to crack. You should see the patches I made for extra races for BV, it's insane. According to the scripts it assigns a new texture file to the eyes. I don't recall seeing anything about meshes. I know with the SKSE extensions it can be done in scripting though, which is why I suggested it may be a mod. Come to our discord and we can chat. I may be able to help you more there.
  3. The head tri file also has vampire morph, that is what makes the face change. My vampire eyes don't glow at all. I think that may be a mod you have. This sounds like a script in act here.
  4. When you become a vampire, it actually just changed the texture of your eyes to the red ones. so If you just replace the texture, then that is how you will have the blue eyes. Also as far as the fangs, open the mouth.tri file in bodyslide, and look for the slider called "Vampire morph" and editing that slider will allow you to have the fangs you want. @lupus_hegemonia
  5. Awesome! glad that is helping!
  6. Schaken

    How to: BYONPC

    I have a page full of tutorials my self. Explaining things on "How to" without a video would be easier that writing a Novel that would solve world peace. To go to my page of tutorials, simply click on "Shortcuts" on the floating menu bar on the top of this page, and go to "Tutorial Modding Videos." The SMMB and the BYONPC is only here at this site. My friend @Jobobby04 Discovered how to create it, and he spent WEEKS on making it happen. he went as far as taking the vanilla clothes, making them all HiPoly, rigging them in 3DS MAX and letting gravity take to them for a more real look and everything. Its by far a high Quality mod. That mod compared to this BYONPC mod are both in the bodyslide, but so much different. my mod will require alot more know how which is why i include a video, and his, is very well plug and play, alot better for a Novice bodyslide user.
  7. Sorry. We have cloudflare and to keep the site safe, we drop connections that disconnect for 60 seconds. its a security issue to leave it open any longer than that. i would suggest calling your internet service provider and ask why they fail to provide you quality service.
  8. Danii - The Princess of Markarth You will meet Danii, A Custom Voiced Follower, In Markarth. She asks for your help. She is a Princess? Is this a trick? She comes with a compelling quest and a Spacious Player home. HDT Outfit and hair, All custom meshes.

    © Schaken-Mods 2020

  9. Schaken

    How to: BYONPC

    @Darklocq Using the files provided right now it only works on citrus head. I made this for the teen mod of mine simply because it's easiest. Right now I'm working on making a version for all races. I have successfully finished the files for all known hipoly heads. I will soon release that version. Also the "male bodyslide" version coming soon on nexus and Lovers Lab was stolen from us. It's a crappy version of "SMMB" (Schaken-mods male bodyslide)" you can search it here and find a very well, fully made maly bodyslide with conversion files, and all vanilla outfits remade to hipoly using that body.
  10. Your using hdt-pe, which is for LE. LE can only handle half the specs that SE can. So if you upgrade your rig, it won't really help much. I suggest getting Skyrim SE which handles 2X the power. From there you will be much better off. Physics uses your CPU while most everything else uses your GPU. Open task manager and look at your statistics and see if you can close anything to help assist the game.
  11. This has nothing at all in connection with teens. They are both stand alone. This body is the body I gave them.
  12. Are you sure it's not your game? The le version is straight from coco and no one does says this. Also if you have an issue there, you should post there and not spam this other mods board.
  13. Do a quick search, it's already on this site, they all are.
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