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  1. I have finished. I will send it to you after you make the donation.
  2. and yeah, I changed her up a bit.. same face shape and all, just different hair and eyes.
  3. I have it almost done now. I basically just need to do some minor tweaking and pack it up. The standard is you have 1 week to name any issues you feel I need to fix such as clipping, broken textures, missing textures, that sort of thing. her full body and outfit will be in bodyslide so make sure you have that. in the below video you will see her outfit I made for her. the HDT skirt is detachable in case its too much of a FPS drop you can just remove just that part and it will look just as good. She has a matching staff but I cant show it without her fighting me. It is basically a small wand with a huge heart on it. I can do minor adjustments like change hair color, add a few red streaks (I normally charge but not that I'm mentioning it, I think it would look good, so I would do this free.) Also, i went ahead and made her stand alone, you mentioned you use a child replacer already, so if you have this load AFTER the child replacer mod, it will work just fine. When you make the Donation as listed, I will PM you and send the mod, and the 1 week noteable edits will start from that moment. The_Elder_Scrolls_V__Skyrim_Special_Edition_2021_04.12_-_16_48_30_42.mp4
  4. That will be no problem at all, Ill show you how to use the bodyslide and that will get you set.
  5. How about I make a custom bodyslide and you can build her body. That may be best so you can make it to your standards.
  6. Honestly its better for me that way, i get charged less fees. I appreciate it. I hope to make you a happy customer.
  7. Whenever is fine with me. I plan on starting on it Monday or Tuesday.
  8. OK, though it will be a few days before i can start it. I have a NPC to make and then ill be able to do this, and ill ut that informal next in line if thats what you would like.
  9. I am unsure what you mean, can you give me an example? .
  10. I forgot to reply here, I kinda just started doing it and never really said anything. Here is the preset i am planning on using and i will be using the Teen Dolls system, but she will be between the size of a Doll and a teen doll. The Author of this preset is Korean but gave open permissions, I like her face shape mostly. I also planned on retexturing one of my HDT dresses i have made and giving it to her. It will be the "Airen" outfit. Do let me know if this is all what you were hoping for.
  11. If you simply direct yourselves to the HDT mod, It is on this site and has been as soon as it was released. HDT SSE Combined Compatibility Set - Animations - Schaken-Mods This being said, i am going to lock this so people will read this instead of just posting.
  12. I'm thinking of making a bunch of them into a pack, and If i do, you will be able to add the BSA's to the preload list in your INI file, then I dont think there would be any lag at all.
  13. Schaken

    [COCO] Asuka suit

    everything i make has both static and 3BBB options
  14. i think thats just the standard CBBE Sevenbase.
  15. That's outstanding! When I first started making HDT, any outfit i ever used seemed to drop FPS big time. So I started doing some serious testing. Turns out the HDT Extension was very well made, but no one was using it correctly. I tested and studied everything I could find about it until I got where 1 outfit would hardly even effect the FPS, and here you are with 5 outfits at once. I'm excited to see this!
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