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  1. Top left of the site, just click the donate and use that. I have a professional designing a new system for commissioning authors, but for now we just use the donate feature.
  2. We have a agreement where everyone pays half the full amount down, and the mod author starts the project. when they are done they will make a video or screenshots of the job, and when you pay the rest, you will get the mod.
  3. Version 1.0


    MUST BUILD IN BODYSLIDE FIRST! There is 3 texture sets. There is 3BA options. There is 4 pieces: - Skirt - Bra - Bracers - Staff You can craft this at a Tanning rack using Leather, and Leather Strips. Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam
  4. Version 1.0


    The above screenshot is using an ENB. MUST BUILD IN BODYSLIDE FIRST! There is 5 texture sets. There is 3BA options. There is 5 pieces: - Pants - Corset - Sleeves - Boots - Necklace You can craft this at a Tanning rack using Leather, and Leather Strips. Also you can use SchakenFM to obtain. Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam
  5. There is quite a few different things to check. 1) Build in bodyslide. 2) Check partitions. 3) Check for correct file paths. 4) Look for incorrect Zaps. Tools Needed: 1) Bodyslide 2) Creation Kit 3) Xedit (A.K.A. SSEEdit) 1 - Build in Bodyslide: This should be the very first thing you should check. Many mod authors have been not including the prebuilt files in the mod. This is to lower the download file size, and so you will build the file to your standards. To solve this, simply have the mod installed, then open Bodyslide. there is 2 drop down menus at the top of the application, the top one is the different sets of armor that is set up for Bodyslide. Scroll around in this list until you find the outfit in question. Once you have found this, at the bottom of this application is a button that says "Preview". Click this button and a new window will appear, this is so you can see your design of the outfit. Now lets go back to the top of the Bodyslide window, and go to the second drop down menu. This is Bodyslide "presets." scroll thru them and you will watch the body take all forms of shapes, and you can pick your favorite. Once you have selected this, you can take this even further by adjusting any sliders in the window to make it even better for you. In the preview window there is another slider which is the "Weight" slider. 0 weight is skinny, and 100 is fat in theory. This will allow you to see the outfit based on what weight your actor is in your game. Once you have everything set, save your new preset by clicking the "Save" button at the top of the application, and give it a name. this will appear in your preset drop-down menu from now on (You MAY need to restart the app for it to appear in the list.) Now that everything is set, at the bottom of the app is a "Build" button, and a check box that says "Build morphs" next to it. Check the box so you can have compatibility with other mods, and then press build. a window will pop up confirming it is done. Now you can go in game and enjoy your new outfit! 2 - Check Partitions: (This is more for is parts of the outfit is missing) This one will be a little more complicated. Open up your bodyslide app, and in the top drop down menu, find the outfit in question. Then next to this drop down menu is a small button with an arrow in it (NOT THE ONE WITH THE X). Press this button and it will open the outfit in an editor. Now with the editor window open, you will see the list of meshes in the right pane. select them until you find the part that is missing, and then just above that list is a few tabs. Look and see which partition it is taking. it will have a number, and a name. Keep this window open.. Now you will need either the creation kit, or Xedit for the next part. Open up either of these two programs, and open the mod. You will need to go to the armor, and make sure that partition is listed in the "Armor Add-on" If it is, then you have another piece of an outfit that is taking its slot. You can have 2 different outfits taking the same slot, there is a priority value on each armor, whichever one has the highest priority will win. you can raise the priority to change this, or delete the partition from the plugin or the other outfit. 3) - Check for correct file paths: refer to "Build in Bodyslide" first. At the end of this one, the "Confirmation" window will show you where it has been built, and its directory. You will need to open this mod in Creation Kit or Xedit and go to the "Armor Add-On" part, and make sure this is looking for the file in the correct directory. If it is not, you ca easily change this, and save it. 4) - Check for incorrect Zaps: This is a bit more difficult. First a Zap is a slider that removes meshes on purpose. in "Check for Partitions" above, it shows how to get to the editor. do this. on the right pane, towards the bottom, look for a slider that has the word "Zap" in it. If you see one, there is a pencil button next to the slider, click it, and press delete on your keyboard. Then save, and build, go in game and see if it is fixed. If not, then reinstall the mod to set it back to original form, and look for another one that may be causing this.
  6. Schaken asked a question on 09/15/2021 My question is... When equipping armor, my body goes invisible. What can I do to fix this?
  7. New question from Schaken Your Question: When equipping armor, my body goes invisible. What can I do to fix this?
  8. So the mod author of this mod made it to where your download wont finish?? thats wild! I wonder where that option is in the creation kit..
  9. on the details tab (Mod description) its where it says "To get started"
  10. lol. This mod was originally on nexus, then vanished, so I made this which is a highpoly version then the author threw a fit and made his own, which is exactly mine. I know because I downloaded his and looked at the vertice values, exactly the same. but I am just in a bad mood today. It is a good mod though, she was originally just a preset on Nexus.
  11. also not my mod, lol. I have ported alot of mods to SE, I dont really do it much anymore. This mod CAN work with Alt Vamp eyes, but this mod comes first, then that one.
  12. I havent had the chance to playit yet, but i was informed that its not really 100% focused on futa, I think you can turn that off in a MCM? Though the current play thru im not really sure. I do know he just left for work not very long ago, so he wont be able to answer for a while. sorry.
  13. Im not taking any commissions ATM. I wont be until after the first of next year. If you want i think @Souichirou may be able to do this if he wants it, but i doubt anyone would want to spend that kind of time on a project like this for $30. I tagged him so he will see this and reply.
  14. just to cover the basics, this is for SE only, not LE, the red triangle means missing meshes, or messed up meshes (Usually by using SE mods on LE and not porting properly.) i would say to try the first thing that should be the most obvious that we should all try before anything, is reinstall, build in bodyslide, then go in game and see.
  15. I just now made it to where anyone on the site can change their username. feel free to match up your username if you wish. I am happy to meet you, and welcome to my site.
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