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  1. resave it in Creation Kit, that will solve it.
  2. yes. everything should work.
  3. just download a different mod. would solve the issue
  4. no worries. if you need better help, you can join our discord i have a whole team of great mod authors there to help there. Link is under the "Shortcuts" on the top floating menu bar.
  5. You need to go thru your mods and make sure they are all for Special edition. mods between the two (Legendary edition, and Special edition) are often incompatible and have that same effect.
  6. sounds like you dont have HDT installed. you HAVE to have HDT installed correctly. AND this is only for LE. Will not work in SE My system shows your an SE player. this is a LE modding only section of this site.
  7. did you look in the MCM? it has its own mcm now..
  8. That's improper converting hdt. This mod is ported already, front page of my site.
  9. I actually do commission work, this board is for anyone who wants to do it. If you are willing to pay, go to this link and fill it out, my team will do the best we can. https://schaken-mods.com/forms/2-mod-request-form/.
  10. It uses its stand alone body. does not require either.
  11. MY APPLICATION Please take a minute and tell us why you are wanting to join our Scholarship Program. I want to become a part of the Schaken-Mods Team. What are your talents? Example: I know how to use Photoshop, I have played with bodyslide, I can banance a nickle on my forehead while doing Jumping Jacks! List the amount of hours you can invest weekly towards learning and becoming an active team member 10 - 15 (Will be a challenge, but i bet you can do it.) Do you agree to my terms? No Your Discord Name: Schaken#5546
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