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  1. @ilkhan8 im sure your tired of being my test monkey, but i am pretty sure i figured it out this time. The flags were set wrong in the head. Its updated if you want to test. It worked on my end.
  2. Version 1.0

    1 download

    (Bodyslide and FaceSlider Files Included) Argi Farseer - A Nord mystic. She is Idgrod Ravencrone's sister. Argi wears a new outfit i made called "Rachel Dominatrix" as inspired by Rachel from DOA5. She carries an Glass Sword and a key to her hut located in Stonehills. Her voice type is FemaleYoungEager. She sleeps at 11pm, waking up at 10am. There is under a 20% chance that she will interrupt her sleep at 3am for a three-hour stroll around Stonehills. She spends the rest of her time in her house. What is Included in this package? HiPoly Head. Up to 4K Resolution Textures. HiPoly Outfit. Racemenu High Heels. Textures compressed to BC7. Argi's Head can be found in Bodyslide for editing as well Located at StoneHills BaseID :: 00013602 Marriable :: True Follower :: True Essential :: True Voice :: FemaleYoungEager Race :: Nord Spells :: Healing, Teleportion Skills :: One handed, Two Handed, Speech Craft, Restoration, Destruction Bodyslide by Ousnius Racemenu by Expired6978 Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam
  3. Version 1.0

    1 download

    (Original File located HERE) (Bodyslide and FaceSlider Files Included) Caesia is a mage. @Rockraven130 made her face. This mod has over 730 lines of dialogues(excluding player dialogues). She appears as a mysterious person. As time goes on and your friendship progresses, you may discover more about her - for now, I shall be silent about her background, as it awaits you to find out. She has a disposition system certain dialogue options might incline her to like you more (or less), and it is absolutely crucial if you want to romance her; yes, you can romance Caesia, regardless of your character's sex, race and appearance. I don't want to spoil too much about her story - best left for you guys to figure it out. As a matter of fact, Caesia is something that I made purely for fun, which purpose was to ease the stress that I've built up when I tirelessly and continuously worked on the big mod aforementioned. What is Included in this package? Charmers of the Reach CBBE SE Body 4K Resolution Texures HiPoly Outfit Racemenu High Heels Textures compressed to BC7 Caesia's Head can be found in Bodyslide for editing as well Located at Mooreside Inn BaseID :: XX000D62 Marriable :: True Follower :: True Essential :: True Voice :: Custom Race :: Imperial Spells :: Lightening Bolt, lightening Cloak, Paralyze, Thunder Bolt, Greater Ward Skills :: One handed, Restoration, Destruction The Original Caesia Follower by Anbeegod Bodyslide by Ousnius Racemenu by Expired6978 Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam
  4. I updated it for the iAS option. Try it now.
  5. Are you using iAS? That may be exactly why. Ill make a patch if you reply yes. lol
  6. Shoot.. I bet I forgot to update the tri. The face tried was the wrong one. You can take veneticas and copy and rename it, and replace Anna's and it will work. My bad, I'll check this when I get home.
  7. No. This took me WEEKS to convert as it is. It is a huge project. Ill hopefully add physics some day
  8. Yes, it's so the race can become vampires when needed.
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