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    This is for Pirated mods. If the mod author asks, then the mod will be removed.
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    $5.00 per month

    This is the Mod-For-Money Group. At the end of each month I will tally unique downloads for every Mod Authors posted creations and each Mod Author will get a percent depending on their downloads. All Membership Subscription Fees, recurring or new will be tossed into the pot, and that is the pot that will be divided into the amount of money you will be rewarded.

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    This is everything Loli / Shota

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    Deutsche Übersetzungen von Schaken-Mods. Ich mache ausschließlich Übersetzungen für Skyrim Special Edition (SSE), da es mir sonst Zuviel wird und ich ja auch auf Nexus noch aktiv bin.

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