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  1. i dont own VR, but i dont know anyone to have that issue either.
  2. It should be clean already, if not then go ahead, i apologize, i usually clean before releasing. All my mods are compatible with all mod managers. This is the SSE version, and they all use a CBBE stand-alone version.
  3. give me a couple days and i will be glad to look into this. The scripting is really easy to do and make it a quest, all of that. but i never have put an animation in game before. Ill look at how the mod author did it and copy most likely and make a mod with it. What i am thinking is you can go behind any NPC and use it like a special power, like a shout. From there it will get their Relationship rank with you, if its high enough they would give you affection back, if not, they may call the guards. What do you think?
  4. ok, I have asked @Ashtoreth to take this one, I'm in some really big projects at the moment and pushing to finish some so I can be more free. Upload your preset here and she will take care of this.
  5. There is one thousand of them. Dare to try to make that many faces?
  6. This will vary, some things are high quality in texture and meshes, which will cause more strain on different PC's
  7. Go to the mods files, and in the caliente folder, select bodyslide, then you will see a groups folder, delete that.
  8. no problem. i have the tutorials just to help people.
  9. tutorial videos will be the way to go for sure. I did not post the bodyslide files for the teens.
  10. Also i have many people test my mods before posting, and this issue happened with none of them.
  11. the "OP"? (Original Poster?) I use the latest XPMSE and my bodyslide, and 3BA is all the latest, I always make sure it is.
  12. Ill have to take a look. There is a game rip on DeviantArt of it but the person didnt put any info of what game or anything, so i wasnt able to give proper credit. Ill take a look and if it is, then ill be able to credit. I appreciate that info!
  13. No problem at all. I posted that there just after it got taken down, sadly I don't know if that's the latest, it's just what I had on my PC.
  14. There is no other mods included.. this is JUST HDT and its fine tuned settings. body collisions will differ for different bodies so i would have to include every body type in this as well then the mod would be several gigs in size.
  15. Well, I talked it over with my staff, they are going to step up with helping me so i can mod more, so i will be overhauling this soon anyways Can you place this on the support tab for me so i can find it easier?
  16. Hello! i spent alot of time making a really cool user interface for "Support" can you please use this so i can better manage this?
  17. 1. CBPC is a mod that is much different. so no here. 2. This is the original HydrogenSays version he made on his foreign website. Basically we made a FOMOD setup so you can choose how you want your all your settings, and patches for many things. The nexus one you have to manually do it all and have very little info to go off of. This is extremely user friendly and will increase your FPS ALOT and make your game much more stable. This is a plug and play setup, you install with a mod manager, and your done. 4. SOS is also its own thing, doesnt use HDT. 5. textures have nothing to do with H
  18. If you can, grab the texture for the facegen and paste it over this one.. no one has said anything that I can remember, though I remember the issue on the stand alone one. I'll put a high priority to update this. Thanks.
  19. Schaken

    TeenDolls - Emma

    Go there in the day time, when she is in the main hall.
  20. Or cut back on the other mods you have that add NPC's. On mine there isn't too many at all.
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