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  1. oh. I dont mod FO4 really. The entire community can be a bit too hateful. I just dont have the same fun modding that game. Though, if it was made by the same people, there is a chance it may work. it only edits a couple scripts, mostly named the same thing and wrote the same in FO4 if its made by same people.
  2. no. the mod does have a "Clean system" function, which i didnt realize it but was broke in that one. It mostly works, do the clean system, then save, then update. If it CTD's, then you just need to use Fallrim tools after a clean save without the mod, then you can update. After this i have the "Clean system" button all fixed.
  3. manipulator is outdated. Grab "SchakenFM"
  4. that would be a load order issue for sure then. this mod needs to be last. Also this you probably need the loose files version, the original is in a BSA to be kepr all nice and neat but if you have mods that have loose files, it will overwrite this and yes, black face bug. so get the loose, and put this mod last.
  5. Schaken

    some hottie

    Thanks. the outfit was not something i created, just edited... alot. Looking at her i think it may be "Cherry Onis" in solitude, or that is a girl in whiterun judging by the brick wall. I think i seen her near the hall of the dead just standing out in the grass. I think i forgot to give her a daily package or something. lol
  6. Version 1.5


    This mod was created by Lumina, then taken down by nexus.... Adorable Face is a face and body textures replacer for female vanilla races and YgNord (ECE). This mod is not including meshes. Please install CBBE or UNP meshes at first. This mod includes modders resources. Please extract the archive with archiver such as 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/). Textures only. This mod includes high resolution makeup textures. Required: SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users If You use ENB, please disable FixTintGamma. Recomended SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users - (LE ONLY Dont need in SE) Skyrim Script Extender - http://skse.silverlock.org/ ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer - (LE ONLY Dont need in SE) Enhanced Character Edit - LE - SE ECEE - RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer - (LE ONLY Dont really need)
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, I assumed all of COCO mods required it, i know some do. I dont play Legendary Edition so i never seen these in LE. I appreciate you sharing the info and helping solve this matter
  8. It never came with the built models, you have to build them.
  9. its been updated. grab the new one.
  10. updated. thanks for letting me know
  11. oh. I may have the partition data wrong. let me take a look.
  12. Leave everything unticked? here is a screenie of how i have mine. The 3BA version has the bodu in it but looks the same.
  13. Missing Textures would mean I would be seeing some purple stuff. I think your expecting something to be there that is just not. you can adjust this stuff in the bodyslide, there is toggle zap sliders where you can change this up alot.
  14. yes. the skirt has no panties, so really you can have standard CBBE, but you will have missing textures on her privates. you can either install those textures fro. the 3BA mod, or if you have 3BA (3BBB) then your all set. you will need to build in bodyslide first though. just open it up, and click build. you can adjust the body as you like of course.
  15. 3BA, good catch, title is fixed.
  16. Version 1.0


    This was created by PredatorRJ, I overhauled it, remaking the textures normal maps and Specular images, refit the body meshes (The Top was WAY off!) as well as made this iAS compatible. Everything except the bodyslide is in the BSA's, textures are compressed with the BSA, saving you disc space, and cutting down FPS, all while keeping it all clutter free.
  17. In the FOMOD there is options to fix that. the more precise the physics are, the more this will happen. some people never sit still long enough to ever notice, so that setting is perfect for them. you will want something less precise, more general. do a complete uninstall, and reinstall this so you can pick something different in the FOMOD.
  18. Charmers of the reach use a whole different face UV, and Body UV as well, it would be pretty challenging to make it match.
  19. If your using NMM, it struggles with big armors like this sadly..
  20. As crazy as it sounds, this is a pretty common issue in mods, And the fix is usually under the translation settings, but i didnt see the error there. I edited a few things in hopes that i fixed it. Attached is a hopefully fix for it. You will need to build it in bodyslide again. please let me know if this fixes it or not. If not ill pass this on to my team, maybe a second set of eyes is what i need. Kirax_BDO_Rosa_Le_Dessous.7z
  21. Its perfectly fine, without knowing about files in this game you would never know that. i would have asked as well.
  22. Is there a way to ignore the BSL? it is a useless file honestly.
  23. Version 1.1


    This was created by Team TAL, I overhauled it, remaking the textures normal maps and Specular images, refit the body meshes (The armor was WAY off!) and added in some nice ZAPS that will make it a bit more skimpy as desired, as well as made this iAS compatible. Comes in 4 color variants. White, Red, Black, or Blue. Everything except the bodyslide is in the BSA's, textures are compressed with the BSA, saving you disc space, and cutting down FPS, all while keeping it all clutter free.
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