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  1. Dojinaru

    Falmer Slaves

    Version 1.2


    Deleted mod from LL. Not original mod author. No intent on updating. As-is. Source Page Description Adds multiple Prisoners/Slaves to various Falmer Dungeons and Caves where appropriate. They have 36 custom dialogue spread between 3 types of them. (Resistant, Corrupted, Broken) At the moment they are purely visual and don't make much of a difference besides seeing them around. Installation Install with a mod manager or manually move all the files into your Skyrim's data folder. Too early to know if there's some specific load order or mod incompatibilities. Please tell me any issues, bugs or incompatibilities in the Support Section! Requirements Skyrim SE Recommended Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice - Highly Recommended Status/Contents "Done!" mostly means playable, but there's always room for improvement. (The locations are not necessarily sub-location specific) Shimmermist Cave - Done! (Add's 4 NPC's; 1 Alive, 3 Dead) Gloomreach - Done! (Add's 4 NPC's; 3 Alive, 1 Dead) Frostflow Lighthouse - Done! (Add's 2 NPC's; 2 Alive, 0 Dead) Sightless Pit - Done! (Add's 4 NPC's; 4 Alive, 0 Dead) Lost Echo Cave - Done! (Add's 4 NPC's; 4 Alive, 0 Dead) Liar's Retreat - Done! (Add's 3 NPC's; 1 Alive, 2 Dead) Tolvald's Cave - Done! (Add's 3 NPC's; 2 Alive, 1 Dead) Darkwater Pass - Done! (Add's 1 NPC; Alive) Duskglow Crevice - Done! (Add's 4 NPC's; 3 Alive, 1 Dead) For a full list of contents (Non-Prisoner NPC's) navigate to the Change Log. V 1.2 Did a lot and forgot to keep track, it's possible I've missed things to add into Changelog or test in-game, if anything looks off lmk, I won't make this mistake again. - Cleaned with SSEEdit, this will be the norm for updates now - Added 6 more global dialogue's - Added small diversity to dead prisoners Liar's Retreat: - Added 3 NPC's (1 Alive, 2 Dead) - Moved unique item - Moved Rahd NPC - Added 1 Novice lock to gate Tolvald's Cave: - Added 3 NPC's (2 Alive, 1 Dead) - Replaced 2 dead bodies w/ prisoners - Added 2 Novice locks to gates Darkwater Pass: - Added 1 NPC (Alive) - Prisoner has 15 Idle dialogue's - Moved Derkeethus NPC - Moved pit key - Removed 1 chest - Removed 2 burial urns Duskglow Crevice: - Added 4 NPC's (3 Alive, 1 Dead) - Replaced 1 Chaurus Ambush w/ 1 Chaurus - Replaced 1 dead body w/ prisoner - Added 1 Chaurus - Added Novice locked gate Tried my hand at interactive Dialogue's and failed. Maybe next couple updates? V 1.1b - Fixed something I failed to remove, initially added for testing V 1.1 - Fixed small bug making 1 prisoner "Prisoner" not "Falmer Prisoner" Sightless Pit: - Added 4 prisoner's (4 Alive, 0 Dead) - Added 2 additional Falmer Lost Echo Cave: - Added 4 prisoner's (4 Alive, 0 Dead) - Replaced dead bodies with dead prisoners - Added Novice lock to gate V 1.0 Frostflow Lighthouse: - Added 2 Prisoner's (2 Alive, 0 Dead) - Added 2 additional Falmer - Edited 1 vanilla Falmer's patrol route very slightly - Removed Sudi's clothes to blend in with Prisoners - Added Apprentice lock to gate Gloomreach: - Added 4 Prisoner's (3 Alive, 1 Dead) - Removed 2 wolves - Replaced dead body in cell with dead prisoner - Added 1 Chaurus Egg Sac Shimmermist Cave: - Added 4 Prisoners's (1 Alive, 3 Dead) - Added multiple Chaurus Egg Sacs
  2. Version 1.0.3


    This is my first outfit conversion using Outfit Studio. This makes Schaken's Aion Opulent outfit compatible with the 3BA body (3BBB Amazing). Build the outfit in Bodyslide with a preset of your choice. Requires the linked mod installed first! I welcome feedback! Source:
  3. both Perrine and Cecilia have giant brown bobble heads for me (which is funny but still an issue).
    Great sensual outfit. Would highly recommend!
  4. The iAS ini file for this mod lists NordRace twice, is that on purpose?
  5. I would like the faces and head shapes of the non-player-characters in the Dolls mod to be changed. More like how the faces and head of the girls in Woo Children look, but with both genders.
    This will be a mainstay in my play-throughs from now on. It would be better if it had walking sounds on the wooden floors, but that's a minor nick-pick.
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