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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Metallurgy adds four ingots to Skyrim: mithril, calcinium, galatite, and rubedite. The ingots were added to two leveled lists for ingots. I didn't touch the nodes, so there are no ores for it. You will have to loot it, or buy it from blacksmiths. Mithril is natural to Cyrodiil, and the others are from Hammerfell. So, the idea is that they would be "imported" into Skyrim. The asset for mithril was extracted from the DX Stella Mithril mod, and the two assets for calcinium and galatite were extracted from CCOR. The rubedite is a retexture I made over the vanilla quicksilver ingot. Gem Crafting allow you to make flawless gems, as long as you have a jewelry kit in your inventory. There are two recipes: the first one at Meric Smithing I, will turn two flawed gems in a flawless gem, and the second one at Meric Smithing II, will turn one flawed gem in a flawless gem. Both recipes requires a abrasive compound, which can be made in the alchemy retort, with dwarven oil and moonstone dust. The moonstone dust can be made at the smelter, using ores or ingots. The jewelry kit requires one mithril ingot, two steel ingots, and a piece of leather. The asset was provided by Oaristys. This plugin requires CACO and Ordinator, and should be loaded after Metallurgy.
  2. Version 0.7.3


    This is a overhaul of Forgotten Dungeons, featuring more enemies, harder enemies, new ambushes and traps. Forgotten Dungeons is a great mod, but unfortunatelly, its too easy and can be boring sometimes. This mod aims to fix this issue. The spawns are all hand-placed, there is no scripting involved. In places where extra spawns were not possible, the difficulty was increased. Requires Forgotten Dungeons 9.03, which can be found in the following link: Mega.nz
  3. Wolfstorm

    Smelter Recipes

    Version 1.0.0


    These tweaks will add smelter recipes to the Animated Armoury, Skallagrim’s Armory and Legendary Skyrim Crossbows mods. The tables are separated from the masters, so you can update them. The plugins are in ESL format. The table for LSC only cover the crossbows. Requirements: Animated Armoury (version 2.2 or above) Skallagrim’s Armory (version 2.0 or above) Legendary Skyrim Crossbows (version 3.2 or above)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a package with eight Reshade presets. They are meant for a sharp landscape, so its important you use them together with high resolution textures. All sets contains tonemaps, so choose one more suited to your monitor. I use the 006 Orange 250. Name convention goes as color being defogged followed by contrast level. I dont use any ENB, so I dont know how it would behave combined with ENB. To install, just unpack it into your main folder.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This bodyslide preset features a thick body, with large hips, big tits and round ass, mildly muscular. Hips are a bit larger than the shoulders, and the back curve is very pronounced. For men with strong appetites.
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