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  1. I went through all 4 chests of armors these are the ones that show up purple bonemold obsidian not the whole thing just a few parts, chitin light armor. fairy lace dress Riftien guard armor telvanni lace, Hallow dark and red regalia vermillion kimono all three make my body except for the head invisible the shrouded moonlight armor has this weird tail that shoots off into never never land and the thieves guild instigator outfit has a lace like arm on the left side when equipped the arm doing it's own thing basically it sticks up above the shoulder instead of going on my arm, I tried to take screenshots but they're eluding me at the moment if I find them I'll at least insert the last two so you can visualize what I'm talking about
  2. I love this armor set it's probably going to be in every playthrough from here on out 2 questions there's a couple that i don't have the textures for is there somewhere I could download them from and on a few of the boots and gloves when they are equipped they cause legs or arms to disappear I've ran everything through bodyslide before and after with no change so I'm at a loss
  3. Wonderful I'm looking forward to getting the chance to add her to my family of followers thanks for bringing her back to life
  4. Like the other comments the game freezes up when I try to enter the Mortar and Pestle I have all the requirements listed but I guess she's just too beautiful for the game which is a shame because I would have loved to go on many adventures with her by my side,
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