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  1. can you not make an extra file for us what use MO2 so we just can copy the file to the folder, why make it so difficult for us.
  2. getting error in MO2 : • hdtSSEFramework version 1 (hdtSSEFramework.dll, HDT SSE Combined Compatibility Set) disabled, fatal error occurred while loading plugin.
  3. i installed it but now the wig is just hanging to the ground, any thing i do wrong ?
  4. he cant do anything before this korean or chinese guy makes the update. sad only one guy in the whole world can do this LOL
  5. I am having issues with memory, flickering screens and so. I like to use CBP but i dont really know how to set it up correctly with CBBE-smp and HDT. I listen around and most say the body should be controled by CBP and clothes and hair by HDT. but again i am no specialist. I really would like someone could write a note how to set it up, also so it works with your mod. thanks
  6. Just been updated, please make the SE version quickkkkk
  7. Hi. I found this on Nexus and was thinking it could be implemented in the next release to make it easier for us not so good pc owners. Just a thought. Please see the attachment. HDT.txt
    so after instaling the new CBBE updated today everything goes cucumber LOL her tits are hanging in the air when i sneak hmmm i hope if someone could make a note what and how what should be installed using HDT from here and Sinfull CBP and all this.
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