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  1. Welcome back Caden. I hope everything worked out OK.
  2. Using Recorder as a follower at the moment. Just finished her romance quest and she and the DB are now going steady, at least until Recorder can contact the Academy to see what protocol says about their having a relationship. Galesse now sees her as Mrs DB and wants a piece of her ass periodically, where she had had no interaction at all with Recorder in the past. Running the Serana Dialogue addon mod as well and I was interested to see if Serana's elopement with the DB at the end of their SDA romance quest interfered with either Galesse or the Recorder quest. And it didn't. Two separate streams. Galesse doesn't see Serana as a DB wife though. Galesse and Selene Kate do interact regularly, sexually or otherwise.
  3. Very sorry to hear. Hope the situation resolves very quickly and positively. Don't worry about us at the moment. We aren't going anywhere.
  4. Just an FYI; when the DB (in her Dragonwhore role) is approached by others for sex ('someone wants your attention'), she isn't getting paid.
  5. That's great. Thank you yet again. So many mods....
  6. Thanks for the link Angie. I do play the DB quest line but morally I feel wrong about doing so (for some of the victims anyway; some deserve to die). Hopefully this will make me a happier DB. Thieves Guild though, I don't play that quest line. Having the poor shopkeepers pay protection money to avoid being beaten up or worse, that is wrong.
  7. So, the never-ending mod, eh? Not that I object. The more Galesse in my life, the happier I be.
  8. Not from Valerica, no. It was random comments Galesse threw in once we'd exited the soul cairn. I don't remember the exact wording but at the time it was both topical and amusing. And completely new, despite having Galesse as a follower a number of times now. She is also now interacting with Serana on and off. Hope you are getting some downtime and some rest from all your hard work.
  9. Finished Galesse's story a second time; just as impressive as the first time through. Found that she had extra dialogue that hadn't appeared in my first playthrough. Gotta love Galesse. To me, in the way she acts and reacts to situations, the player, other followers and the general Skyrim population, she's the closest modded follower to a real person out there. (Known on LL as Zigster999)
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