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  1. I got it here. Installed through MO2. I made a character and it seems to be working. There are no presets and the character has green warpaint under her eyes that I can't remove and lipstick and warpaints appear off center. I noticed it comes with racecompatibility but I already have that mod overwriting. I'll try moving this mod lower so that makeup mods don't overwrite and see if that fixes the makeup issue.
  2. I get an error message, "Failed to parse moduleconfig.xml" but it installs. Anything to worry about?
    Looks like the pic.
  3. My CTD problem was the mod Additemmenu. For some reason it causes a CTD on some armor mods but I can add the armors via console just fine.
    She was in the Luxury Suite home but I too am unable to recruit her.
  4. Actually I have my own conversion of Barbaric Boob Armor, maybe that's the problem. I'll ditch mine and try Sun's. edit, the loincloths overwrite, hmmm. So what happens when you have both?
  5. CTD when enters inventory.
  6. This worked fine after first installing but after starting a new game, I CTD when speaking to JD. Also Buckethead has no dialog option to follow. I know they are different mods but probably the same cause. Any ideas? Could it be load order?
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