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  1. That's up to you.. Choose her hairstyle in the fomod installation. There is a bald DAI option.
  2. So in theory, this is what you'd do.. On this version of TCCO, delete the NPC entries for the two characters you won't be using (Ria and Aela), leaving just Njada. On the newer version of TCCO (which you will be installing afterwards) delete Njada only, leaving the two characters that you do want. SSEEdit is the easiest way to do that. The newer TCCO is ESL flagged, I think, so I don't know how that would factor in. If you need further assistance, post a msg on the discord server.
  3. You'll also need to remove the NPC entry from the plugin for the one you don't want, otherwise you'll end up with two plugins trying to edit the same character. It simply doesn't work.
  4. "With absolute certainty, this work is the best I have been able to find in the many years of testing mods for Skyrim on this topic (overlays)." Thanks!
  5. Do you know the basics of SSEEdit? If you open the plugin file for Bijin, locate the NPC entries and then remove the entry for Njada. This will mean that Njada is now no longer being edited by Bijin mod. If you want, you can also delete the actual facegen files (mesh and texture) from the folders for Njada - or - you can simply install my mod afterwards and allow it to copy over those files.
  6. "The texture named 'Wild Style' did not transfer well to CBBE and needs to be re-worked from scratch. I've replaced it with a duplicate of one of the other overlays, as a placeholder, until I can fix it."
  7. I'll likely upgrade all follower mods that were originally posted here with the older meshes. No time frame, though.
  8. Why would you want them merged? I kept the Eyes, Makeup and Tattoos separate so people can decide what they want and what they don't want. And whether they want the vanilla options or COR options. Besides, they are ESL flagged, so they do not take up a load slot. (apart from the COR eyes, which I don't think can be ESL as it's a patch)
  9. Uploaded a loose files version. Seems to be much more reliable than the BSA version, with the fomod installation. If you want a UNP option, just select it on installation.
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