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  1. I tested out both CBBE and UNP options and had no issues at all. So I'm not sure why you're getting CTD. If possible, you could check the crash log. That might give some clue. I will be doing an aesthetic update at some point when I have time to work on it, replacing the meshes etc, so maybe that will fix any possible issues.
  2. I don't know anything about vampire mods, since I don't use any myself. I'd guess that the custom race would not work generally with vampire mods that make changes to face textures or morphs, since this mod uses custom assets.
  3. It might be something to do with her AI Package, forcing her to stay a certain distance from the player character. I can look into it at some point, but it's definitely not urgent. It wouldn't distract from or break your game.
  4. Maybe it was starting a new game? Sometimes bugs can get baked into old saves, even when you've removed the old mod. If you want to continue from an old save, you can make a save in a neutral cell without Eilonwy present. Then disable the plugin from load order. Start the game from the saved game and make another 'clean' save.. Exit the game and then load up again. Usually works
  5. It's standalone, no required mods.. apart from the physics stuff for the various body options. Try another one of the facegen/hair options just in case, maybe the one I posted an image of. Have to ask too.. Have you tested on a new game? Or at the very least uninstalled the old mod completely and made a clean save before installing the new one? And which mod manager are you using?
  6. Just a mislabeling of the file.. It's definitely Special Edition. I'll upload a corrected file to avoid any confusion. The mouth and facial movements absolutely work for version 2.1.0. I've done a lot of testing on this version and did in fact port it again from scratch. The previous old version did have an issue, I can confirm. But this latest version does not at my end. Make sure you don't have any other mods (including old versions of Eilonwy) that are overwriting. Maybe run loot to check your load order too.
  7. Mouth issue should be totally fixed in v2.1.0
  8. This isn't exactly the same mod that SC uploaded on patreon. - I've essentially used only the headparts from that mod and even then had to make a number of fixes on those headparts.. the head/neck bone weight paints, mesh shader fixes, a number of broken textures on the face had to be manually repaired (under the chin), textures had been saved in the wrong format, for example. - I've also replaced the body meshes and added a proper skeleton, since the original basically has none. - New body textures were added and then had to be blended, for diffuse, normals and specular. - I've created custom tattoos made from scratch. - I created a new npc entry and race in CK for Ellie and added a lot to that, since the original was quite basic. - I've also made a replacer version for Jordis. - All packed into a FOMOD with options to choose body type, hair type, texture quality, standalone or replacer npc. I've actually done a lot with this mod, certainly enough to say it's no longer the same mod SC uploaded. I've credited SC for everything she did in the mod credits, just like I credited Team TAL for the BDO Eckett outfit port, which no doubt took just as much work to port as did the headparts. Also credited the relevant game studios who in fact own the assets to begin with. And no, I don't personally gain profit from any individual mod in the Guild section.
  9. I will look into myself as soon as possible. I've only recently installed SSE for the first time, so just getting that all set up and running smoothly.
  10. Just ignore that. Old refs that shouldn't cause any issues on the mod. I'll clean those up at some point, when i do an update
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