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  1. If you read the forum posts on lover lab, OA states that a new game is required. I'm only the uploader but ill edit discription to state that requirement.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Do you have alot of mods? MCM not showing in SkyUI? Tired of using console to reset SkyUI to try and hope the MCM will show ? Then this mod is a must have for Large Load Orders Here's what you get 9 Sub Menus 127 Menus per Sub Page Ordered Alphabeticaly This is a work in Progress mod Uploaded with permission for OA on LoversLab If you have any suggestions or Ideas Please drop a message on LoversLab Forums https://www.loverslab.com/topic/130571-skyui-mcm-for-1143-mods-sorted/?tab=comments#comment-2763210 Requirements SKSE SkyUI SE 5.2 (Hard requirement) New Game Required OA on LoversLab - Barzing Future updates will be released when OA posts them up on LoversLab NOT Implemented yet Configurable Menus and Rename
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Mod Name Multiple Adoptions Fertility Mode Patch Author DarkDragoon197 Version1.0 Description A patch for Fertility Mode SE and Mutiple adaptions Two Patches are available One for the standard Hearthfire Adoption System. The other for Schaken Mods Adoption system Hearthfire Muiltple Adoptions (Standard) Allows adoption of up to 6 kids, instead of just 2 Move your family into suitable custom homes Gives children a last name This mod allows the adoption of up to 6 children. They are fully integrated in the Hearthfire adoption system and should be able to use the default voices. It should also be fully compatible with mods that add other orphans, such as the very cute Khajiit child Ma'isha. You can also move your family into custom homes (that have been adapted to house a family). Optional esp: Adopted children will get a last name: "Dovahkiir", meaning "Dragon Child"/"Child of the Dragon". Created by TMPhoenix The schaken mods muiltple adoptions mod Features: You can adopt up to 24 kids Allows custom homes with up to 24 beds (2 beds Minimum Required) Works with SchakenFM, AFT, and other Follower Management mods Notes on Follower/Adopted: Once you adopt a Child and the initial greeting at their new home you can talk to them and ask them to be your follower. As a Follower the MHIYH options can be used to assign rooms and such. So the beds can be in another cell just note in this case the bed number in the spell will be off but you can still adopt more then the beds you have up to 24 kids. With SchakenFM you can edit the names so there is no last name anymore. This was done so you can have more control over the last name. These functions has been tested on several Follower Managers and most intensely AFT as that is what I use along with SchakenFM. If you also have SchakenFM installed once they are a follower you can also change their settings as well so that is highly recommended to have. The schaken mods muiltple adoptions mod Created by Souichirou Of Schaken Mods Compatibility: THIS MOD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HearthfireMultiAdoption.esp and/or any patches made for that system. Please only Choose The Version of Adoption mod You have Please place after Fertility Mode mod
  4. Version 1.5.0


    This is a conversion of a LE mod on nexus made by Aberin to SSE. Body converted to use 3BBB Amazing BodyFeature:-Adds a female elf follower. Her name is Agatha.-This is a Standalone mod.Follower Info:-Name : Agatha-Sex : Female-Body : UNP or CBBE-CombatStyle : Archery + Dual Dagger-Location: 'Bannered Mare' in Whiterun-Perk:Sneak - Stealth, Muffle Movement, Light Foot, SilenceOnehanded - Armsman, Dual Flurry, Dual SavageryArchery - Overdraw, Critical Shot, Ranger, Quick Shot, BullseyeLight Armor - Agile Defender, Unhindered-Essential, Marriage possible
  5. I'm currently at work but after I get home if I run into anymore issues or questions want me to use the discord so I dont clutter up this thread with pestering questions?
  6. Ty for the quick response. Yes he is going to be using the vanilla race. Just when I make him in ck hes got a hole where junk supposed to be using sos body. And since the mod came with sos files needed to know if I had to include them or would sos take care of that?
  7. I'm currently making a orc Male follower mod could I have your permission to use this body as a resource? Do I have to use supplied junk as well or does sos do it automatically?
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