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  1. It is any dead npc but it just happened to be a draugr overlord this time.
  2. Bug Title: Can not swallow dead bodies Description Pretty much what the title says. If there is a dead body on the ground and you go do eat it, the menu comes up like it is supposed to. However, once you click the button to swallow the person, absolutely nothing happens. All that happens is the menu goes away. Save/reload does not fix the issue and I havent found anything in debug that could be causing it. Papyrus needed zipped to not exceed 20MB Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.zip
  3. Bug Title: Can not swallow multiple people Description With the multiprey setting on, the game still acts as though you have it off, only letting you swallow one person at a time. Debug has been enabled and save/reload has not yielded any change. The papyrus file needed to be zipped to not exceed the 20mb limit Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.zip
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