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  1. I tried adding the papyrusUtil and it did not fix the endoscript issue. Here is a new log from the issue with the papyrusutil installed. I also see the 'disabled due to character's gender' message in the skyrim console. Papyrus.0_no_endo_part2_with_papyrus_util.log
  2. Bug Title: Devourment spells not provided to player consistently Description On creating a new character, none of the powers for devourment are given to the player. This is relatively normal for the history of devourment. The fix has always been to load a save, and on load all the devourment powers are provided to the player. Currently, this happens only for female characters. For male characters, an "incompatible skeleton detected" message is played instead, and no powers are added. To be clear, this is with the xp32 skeleton installed, without which it would give the skeleton error for players of either gender. Something probably worth mentioning is that the regurgitate power is not given to the player regardless of the character's gender. Now I think some versions of devourment have in the past given the player this spell after they use the endo spell, but I am not 100% sure about that. I can't test whether than happens in this version though because the endo spell isn't firing. I think an ideal version would give the regurgitate spell to the player along with the two devour spells. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0_male_char_loads_save.log
  3. nope_pope

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Devour (non-lethal) does not function Description When attempting to use the devour (non-lethal) ability on an npc, nothing happens. While it's difficult to see in the logs, if you search for "EndoScript.psc" you should find logged the attempts to use the power. I believe the issue is to do with the endoscript not registering that female preds are in fact enabled as this message appears. [11/19/2020 - 04:38:46PM] Error: Static function PrintConsole not found on object miscutil. Aborting call and returning None stack: [_DevourmentNameQuest (0601A3AF)].devourmentnamescript.Debugger() - "DevourmentNameScript.psc" Line 534 [None].EndoScript.OnEffectStart() - "EndoScript.psc" Line 25 [11/19/2020 - 04:38:46PM] Devourment: (EndoScript) Disabled by delphine's Gender. This is particularly odd because: 1.female preds are enabled in the mcm 2.the player's gender is the one which should be checked since the player is using the devour (non-lethal) spell on Delphine, and not the other way around Another strange thing is that currently there are two separate vore toggles for each gender in the mcm: one under tweaks, and one under toggles. To be clear, I have both males and females enabled in both menus, but I think that it's worth knowing about the duplicate buttons as it might be related to the endo script thinking a type of pred is disabled when it isn't. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0_no_endo.log
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