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  1. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Splash screen doesn't appear when selecting mod in mcm Description When I select devourment in mcm it doesn't display the splash screen with the banner of devourment (two ladies in armor with full stomachs) Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  2. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Some Predator Perks causes swallow not to work Description If I spawn in a wolf outside of whiterun when my devourment skill is 102 I can swallow it just fine. When I assign myself maximum perk points and give myself all predator perks, it will not allow me to swallow a spawned wolf outside of whiterun. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  3. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    This seems to happen if you have more than a certain amount of perk points available. In this example I had 31 perk points added and it cuts it off. Papyrus.0.log
  4. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Swallow spell temporarily does not work in some areas starting out Description What happens is that I started up Skyrim and from the main menu typed in the console to coc whiterun. Then gave myself the swallow spell. Switched over to a female character. Then attempted to swallow a corpse of the giant the companions killed or spawn in wolves to use the swallow spell on. It would not trigger the swallowing. However, when I go coc riverwood and go to swallow the wolves outside of riverwood, it works. I spawned in wolves there and it works as well. Then I go back to whiterun and go to near the same place as before and it lets me eat wolves I spawn in and I can go back and eat the body of the giant that was killed by the companions. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  5. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Belly size changes Description If I eat a giant, my belly goes huge. However, if I save, exit the game, go back in my belly is way smaller. Then I regurgitate the giant and swallow it again and my belly is the big size again. If I reload the save without exiting the game my belly is a smaller size again and then I regurgitate the giant again, swallow it again and my bigger is the huge size again. This is when I'm using tgm and at 101 devourment skill. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  6. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Prey perk points are cut off Description Minor Cosmetic bug: I don't know if it is my display but I can see the perk points total in the Predator Perks tab but when opening the Prey perks tab it cuts off the perk points total there. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  7. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Predator Perks has missing words Description Minor cosmetic bug: If you look at the Predator Perks tab you just see skill followed by your devourment skill. If you go to Prey perks it says Devourment Skill followed by your devourment skill. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
  8. iasiney

    Bugs Found

    Bug Title: Enable Male, Female, Debug Mode does not stay toggled Description I'm having a bug where when I enable the "enable females", "enable males" and debug mode it doesn't stay active so right when I go to toggles or something else it will deactivate it's self. I did have the old devourment male and female added and when removing it it doesn't do this and the toggles are on for male and female by default. Papyrus Log Upload Papyrus.0.log
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