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  1. looks great in vr . very sexy mod thank you !
    Drop dead sexy ! really gorgeous piece with detailing that stands up to intense scrutiny and usage . Thank you for another great set of gear !
    excellent follower with the attention to detail in costume and feature . I was stunned when i saw the reflections in her eyes are tiny spiders ! a fine touch found all over the mods on this site .
  2. thank you saw this vid and the other on discord , really enjoying the making of and how to videos .will make for allot less uninformed questions in the future .
    Such beautiful textures , looks excellent in 2d or from inches away in VR . a must have in all my load orders .
    Gorgeous piece , nice depth to the cloth and the patterns really pop in VR !
    Sweet mod in form and figure . Super cute face . Smooth physics , excellent bodyslides and she is real easy on the eyes in VR ! A certain must have , she accompanies me in 4 out of 6 profiles in SKVR and 2 in SSE
  3. New Request: Category Armor Mod Author Requested Schaken Disclaimer: The mod author requested has the right to deny the request. Mod Request Description costume port of deviantart.com/sticklove/art/Zhenji-804405194 mega.nz/file/nkhywQqD#LIU7UyzHzkZdfUjkH59nPhRbENBYpmJJAGPmneQ94c8 to go with the other sweet gear youve done me. made all sexied up like [40 prepaid not included in donation box for continuity] FilesIncluded Donation $ 90 USD Disclaimer: The mod author will receive 90% of this amount upon completion.
    sweet looking model , great attention to details ! well jiggly in all the right places . thank you .
    sweet work ! not sure how i got along without it . if youre not using it you should be
    Beats the tar outa any other hdt ive tried . works right proper in VR . im running 7 HDT outfits with only minimal frame loss under extreme circumstances !
  4. fabulous absolutly fabulous ! played for 6 hours with this one in vr . totally give it 5 stars , but ive been doing that everthing i think deserves it here that ive used so far [credibility n all] i found so many good mods on this site all unrated i cant help but rave about em , some stuff i cant get to work in vr so i cant yet say.
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