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    Excellent port by an excellent modder . Textures really pop for SSEVR . Makes my dancing ladies look fabulous .
  1. Thank you for yet another absolutely wonderful piece ! I cant get enough of your work .
  2. grendelvich


    i could say wow to all of these pics , nice collection
  3. grendelvich


    haa! harkon dart board sweeet
  4. grendelvich


    the asiatic inspired architecture is spot on !
  5. grendelvich


    i travel with kira alot
  6. grendelvich


    that is awesome!
  7. oh my ! that's looking nice , your model is rather gorgeous too.
  8. thank you. im a big fan of your work think i have nearly everything you have posted on site !
  9. wow this looks grand ! how does this work with your mod "make nazeem irie again "? love that mod . i should b able to load him last i assume .
  10. i forgot to mention to make it hdt
  11. New Request: Category Armor Mod Author Requested Schaken Disclaimer: The mod author requested has the right to deny the request. Mod Request Description Please port to sse the deviantart.com/yishinlong/art/DOAXVV-Nagisa-Jewel-Emerald-SSR-859208891 . I would like access to the variable configuration utilizing ZAPs . i use 3ba cbbe bodies . I use a 1070 TI card and have loads of ram . I love
    Not just another pretty face (and pretty it is ) Elsa is a double fisted fire goddess . blasting apart anything that dares aggro near your party she is as deadly as she beautiful . A very useful follower indeed .
    What a wonderful wonderful map replacer . The geographical topography is utterly amazing, hills and vales peaks and swales all rendered in fine detail . looks beautiful with VR and SSE . Great improvement to the game that takes the guesswork out of map study . thank you
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