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  1. will you update this to the newest SKSE? thanks in advance
  2. I have been avoiding updating to the new game version, last time it broke my game (cause of my mods). I don't use LOOT and such, it seems to cause more problems than it fixes. I hope you get it worked out. lol I will be changing over soon...maybe
  3. kammi

    Bandits 2

    very nice, thank you
  4. I have these files and love the concept, but lol, all of my mannequins now have babies and a third of the population. None are growing up, just npc's walking around Skyrim with babies. I have the settings where there are not supposed to be random pregnancies. thanks again for all your contributions
  5. I love the looks of this armor, please repair so I can use it thanks
  6. the Akuma armor gives invisible body. The chain bikini CTD when trying to equip hands or feet. The tops and the under work fine. Not sure about the necklaces
  7. update, I was able to add the oldrim HDT high heels ESM . it doesn't work but it doesn't crash the game either and allowed me to use this armor would be cool if a SSE version was made
  8. I show a requirement for HDT High Heels.esm . Does the Oldrim file work, because I can't find it for SSE
  9. thanks for this, works perfectly
  10. I may have to do that, I am sure there is instructions. I have so many mods broke
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