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    Caesia was was one of the first SE followers I have my original download 12-25-2016. It's nice to see her get an update. as a follower a lot of fun I thought I read somewhere that she had gotten an AI update not sure if that's here. But it is nice to see her at her snarky best. ------------------------ From Author ------------------------ (Updated ORIGINAL File located HERE)
    Looks beautiful and I use Nether Framework [ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18076 ] and cant make her a follower. This Mod artiest is one of the best;s So much talent.
    Nice to see the guys getting some attention | This brings There style up to the bazillion lady's makeovers.
  1. If you have 2gvidio and 8gram you should be able to run both. have you tried running a low setting to see if anything changed ? bethini lets you change things fairly easy. I have found that my lap top starts messing up if I don't have enough head room on my hard dive Seems if i'm over half it starts acting up 500gb ssd. I run the game on main drive and MO2 on second drive. hope this helps a little.
    This makes this site more official, Marie Rose has entered the building. Can't get better then that.
    Just what my dolls were waiting for. Sometime older ( Legendary ) just fills right!
    Looking forward to installing. Glad to see it in one place and not the cobbled together mess I but together. Can,t wait for LE I play both ways.
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