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  1. Cool mod, but the protected version somehow is making all the Dolls essential -- not even my toon can kill them. Trust me, I tried, and I get a pop up that the actor is essential to a quest. Totally unrelated questions. Is there a way to bodyslide them so they don't all have the 13-year old prepubescent skinny girl look? I like the look, and understand the unique outfits would need to be run through bodyslide, but I'd like to diversify the looks of the teens if possible (one skinny, one busty, one chubby, etc). Thanks again, great mod!
  2. Did this for me too. I just deleted Sybille from Pandorables, re-ran the meshes through SSE Nif Optimizer, and dragged all the changes into my xEdit patch, and now she appears perfectly in-game. Best version of Sybille Stentor to date.
  3. I really love this version of Saadia, thanks a million for making it. Best Saadia face ever, and you can simply overwrite the new Saadia Time of Need mod to get the expanded role and quests for her, plus this version of what she looks like. I also like the outfit, with the caveat that it's not exactly camouflage for her to be wearing eastern Redguard clothing while hiding from the Alik'r.
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