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  1. Teen doll physic and Teen doll lewd : hello both updates have the same file for download? it's normal ? a yes we have to use both mods or not? the files is Teendoll physic lewd on the two link.
    thanks for your work , but for your information before becoming a member of your site, I managed to make carry by my play character a lot of armor and vanilla clothes and also a lot of armor lot of great creator.(docteur87, sungjeong, rektas,gigaduex, bikini ascend,heavy girl armor, all best armor port by PhenomFazMFQ ( chevaleresse III great with teen doll ) Neir Automata etc etc many many . All this by using bodyslide and a preset given on the nexus. which I give you the link. Skinny - a modest CBBE Bodyslide preset it works perfectly, .. I tested with all the armor [SunJeong] Ninirim Ported Mods pour Skyrim SE Loverlab pack. total success. But laugh the adult women of my game are all Skinny body same teen of 25 years this picture with ninirim armor mix . .
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