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  3. Version 1.0.0


    Teen Wood Elf Face preset for RaceMenu Weight is set at 100 This preset will only work for the Teen Wood Elf Race I have includded the sculpt files along with the jslot file in case you have trouble with RaceMenu not loading the preset properly. In this case go to the sculpt tab and import the Lolita wood Elf head. Hard Requirement Sassy Teeen Dolls it will not work without it. Soft Requirement Teen doll body replacer with physics, not mandatory but may make a difference in body apearance. Permissions NONE GIVEN DO NOT EVEN ASK
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Alicia is a Nord Teen that is a very skilled dual weilding fighter. She has her own set of enchanted daggers that she weilds with deadly accuracy. She comes with her own 3BA body and her own skin, and can wear any armor or clothing you give her. She is very unique in many ways and very skilled. She is essential and does not affect your stealth meter. She cannot be married nor will she ever be. Alicia can be found at the winking Skeever in Solitude. Alicia has many perks and abilities. Permissions NONE GIVEN do not even ask Alicia is also a Schaken mods exclusive and not to be shared or posted anywhere else.
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    Cassie is a sweet innocent looking girl but don't let those sweet looks fool you, she will ravage the countryside without batting one of her cute eyelashes. She is fast and extremely deadly with her twin daggers. She moves quickly and quietly untill the fight begins, then it is total carnage as she lets lose with her strength and abilities. Cut and dry Cassie is a mean little badass. Cassie is located at Healga's bunkhouse in Riften, where she has stayed since being seperated from her clan on a merchant trip. She is Essential and can be married. Skills yep the skills she needs to protect you or carve you up and feed you to the slaughterfish. Perks yep several Cassie has her own body and skin. Requirements KS Hairdo's Permissions None given Dont bother to ask
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Sara is a custom follower and fully standalone, she has her own skin and uses your default body. She is designed as a multipurpose combat ranger that can effectively use dual weapons or her Ebony bow. Sara can use any armor and weapons and is very quick and silent during combat. She is a higher level follower in tradition with all of my followers. Sara also comes with a very nice set of fangs to bite through the necks of her opponents on a Vampire playthrough She can be found in Dawnstar at the Windpeak Inn. Sara is ESPFE so she wont take up a slot in the plugin limit. All combat skills set to 100 Esential Can be Married Perks Not enough room to list all of them. She is wearing the Lilikth Dress by Ashteroth Permissions NONE GIVEN DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK
  10. She is very beautifull and has already found a job as one of my caretakers. She is a keeper thank you for sharing.
  11. Anyone that follows my work knows that each one of my followers are unique. Yes they may be a little OP for an early game, but they stay fierce throught the entire game regardless of how many enemies they face. One thing that seperates my followers from the common rable is they each have special qualities that makes them who they are, and each one is different. I refuse to get into the copy paste type followers that I see everywhere that are done with the same template as the next. That said all of my followers will continue to be unique and beautifull, and tough as the gods themselves.

  12. Version 1.1.1


    Abandoned as a baby at the doorstep of the Temple of Kynareth, Annabelle never knew her parents or where she was originally from. Growing up in Whiterun under the supervision of the temple healers, she learned how to use Healing Hands. At a later age she was taught how to fight by Vilkas of the Companions. She is a very special young lady with some very unique talents. Do not let her young beauty decieve you she is very deadly in combat. Annabelle is ESPFE so she wont take up a slot in you plugin count She can be found at the Skyforge. She has her own special Ebony Daggers and can dual wield them. She is Essential and does not affect stealth. Age 18 Level 100 Combat Skills 100 Resoration Skills 100 She has many more attributes that you will have to find for yourself. I'm not going to spoil the surprise. She is SFM compatible and works excellent with NFF. NO she cannot be Married NOR will she ever be. Outfit is H2135 Modern Series 3 Requirements Sassy Teen Dolls Credits Schaken for Sassy Teen Dolls Everyone on Discord Grendelvich for testing her Permissions NONE GIVEN DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Turtledove is a Redguard Assassin that came to Skyrim in search of her cousin Dezirae and found her way to Whiterun where she found her cousin. Now she patiently waits for someone to take her on some wild adventures. She has her own body and skin, her default outfit is a barkeepers dress and she comes with her own Ebony daggers, but will accept any outfit and weapons you give her. Available in ESP or ESPFE Turtledove was designed for use with Nethers Follower Framework and SFM but should work with other follower frameworks. She can be found in Whiterun by Breezehome. Essential Can be married Level 100 Weight 80 Height 95 Combat skills are 100 Speed 100 She does come with some combat perks Requirements CVR Follower Voice hard requirement Can be found on LL Credits CVRFollower Voices by Netherworks Special Thanks to Schaken and some of the crew on Discord. Permissions NO PERMISSIONS GIVEN DONT EVEN ASK Post my mods elsewhere be prepared to take them down if I find out and I am sure I would
  14. Yes I can do custom faces on request as long as they are not copies of other peoples work, and are not beyond the scope of what can be done in Racemenu. If you ask me to create a completely custom face, that is unique and one of a kind, that can be arranged provided the the request is within realistic bounds. 

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