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  1. lol... I have a question for you in PM... hope you can help
  2. cool.... I will be joining this weekend after I get the last skyrim se pack and figure I will run just a game with your mods :)
  3. once i get my game back running.... do yall need a tester?
  4. I have not been playing skyrim long... but seeing all the mods gives a NOOB ideas. I have seen incampments and towns for elves, thugs, etc. If anyone is a modder and wants a challenge.. How about a full village with quests for the Teen Dolls/ Sassy Teen Dolls. I think it would be awesome to have nekos, goth, and all kinds of others in one local... What do you think?
  5. I am glad i found this site... i am a noob to Skyrim and really like this site.. If I can make a suggestion. what about a live chat section? for dumbasses like me ... or just to throw around ideas with others like me, answer/ask questions.. I have asked questions in other sites over a month ago and still no answer. Just a thought. LOVE the look and concept here and going to be a paid member when I get paid
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