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  1. You will have to ask SunJeong for them. We don't upload anything but this file of hers unless she gives expressed permission. She is part of our discord and taverns discord.
  2. already updated with the one i use that is working
  3. Yep i did that was fixed in a newer version my bad i will fix ASAP
  4. I will take a look in the morning I may have uploaded a test version by accident as I make several though I try not to keep them as new ones come I make
  5. ok yeah then i will have to do that one from scratch as well since mighty monkey does not share his stuff any more
  6. do you have the link to where the picture for the 1st hair was from if it is a chinese modder i may be able to get the files from there
  7. ok thanks since they are from Sims4 i will need to do a extra things to unpack them as i dont have the tools but i know schaken does
  8. Should be ok though it will be a slight movement as the cuffs are not as big as a Kimonos
  9. Thank you for requesting me. Also thank you for providing the link to the files. i will get on this today. as for the sleeve physics you would like to have that as SMP-HDT correct?
  10. Hi this has been past to me would you have a link to the files required to do your conversion request?
  11. Version 1.2


    FGO Caenis Casual 3BA Done By Request by Ichirou Full 3BA Conversion of FGO Caenis Casual Bodyslide featuring Regular 3BA Body with Uni-Boob sliders All part separate
  12. As far as I know the presets for both body and face on both girls is private. I did the petite girl with abs and Fire_Pheonix did the other.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Older Outfit Done by Ichirou Added Sandrine Conversion Converted to SSE CBBE-SMP only Works with RM Heels Requires SMP-HDT For SSE I did this conversion mid-last year. Will Make a 3BA version soon
  14. thanks. the character is not yet as that is my Player character. I have been considering it since i have the ability to do followers with my custom head mesh as well now - my custom head is on the cutiepie race but was not able to do followers due to fully custom sliders in RM does not use standard sliders.
  15. Version 1.2


    Request Done by Ichirou 44Bikini Swimsuit Pack Conversion Converted to SSE 3BA only Works with RM Heels Multiple bikinis and one piece suits with a bunny girl suit as well Some Screenshots Courtesy of: Fire_Phoenix (Kyra_Storm)
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