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  1. Housing Tutorial/Semi-stream Part 3 - Containers This part will cover some basics of containers and several advanced methods for auto sorting. also shows how to make a on/off switch for anything using the custom forge Covered This Video: 1. Containers 2. Starting Custom Auto Sort Systems 3. Creating Containers From Any Items 4. Creating On/Off Switches reference Schaken-Mods_Tutorial_Part_3_containers.m4v Part 4 will be Idle Markers and Navmeshing Forge in it's OFF stage Forge in it's ON Stage
  2. you need to run FNIS after install also should have the sneak perk for rolling
  3. I can take a look. Sounds like a bad FOMOD installer settings.
  4. Housing Tutorial/Semi-stream Part 2 - Furniture This part will cover some basics and advanced furniture methods. Covered This Video: 1. Placing Furniture 2. Creating custom Furniture in CK and by NifScope 3. Creating Custom Crafting Benches 4. intro to containers schaken-MOds_Housing_Tutorial_Part_2_Furniture.mp4 Part 3 will be Containers A Walk through of the house so far. - please watch this as well as it explains some things to look for and shows some of the current stuff made. Schaken-Mods_Housing_Tutorial_Part_2.5 Quick walk thru.m4v schaken-MOds_Housing_Tutorial_run_thru_2.7.m4v
  5. Housing Tutorial/Semi-stream Part 1 - Layout This part will cover some basics of laying out houses as well be me laying out the full 1st floor of a 3 story home/manor. Covered This Video: 1. Main controls of render window 2. starting layouts and tips 3. Using custom assets and retexturing vanilla assets 4. sizing of house verbal reference schaken-MOds_Housing_Tutorial_Part_1.mp4 Part 2 will be furniture
  6. ether way is fine. i can do it as well, since i am already working on his castle. i can start it right after the housing classes in 2 weeks but if you have time before that and Meancharger needs it before then all yours schaken
  7. for those that have issues with disappearing bodies on coco's LE armors it requires her body. you can find it using google.
  8. well not sure but i know i load xp32, HDT SSE Combined compatibility (my own custom setup of it at least), CBPC and 3BBB Amazing Body in that order. i do know 3BBB amazing body fomod did have a choice if your using sinful CBPC that you did not need to install something from it. I made my own install of the HDT SSE Combined compatibility cause i had issues with settings and ingame bodies not working right but that issue there. i always had cause the skeleton not the other mods
  9. If your using a custom race make sure you copy the female_skeleton.nif to the race if it has its own skeleton. There was an update to the skeleton and a lot of race's are not upto date with their provided skeleton
  10. Souichirou

    ChuChu Follower

    i double checked and it is CBBE
  11. IF your using an Extreme Breast setting them most likely will as it is a "Tight" outfit i will check but i did not have issues with clipping
  12. As far as well know they are still there I did not touch the placements of them. I will check them again later today. You can get the books with additemmenu as well
  13. Now you say that I remember I forgot to clean the masters in the 2 non-heel sounds esps
  14. Version 2.0 CBBE


    HaruHaru Nails CBBE SE Ported to CBBE Hands for SE Realigned each of the nails separately to be a better fit as well This is a Port from LE to SSE and/or any UNP stuff converted to CBBE - Original Mod Found on 9DAMAO unless otherwise noted
  15. Same files i just fixed a typo in the folder structure is all since it put the fix in the wrong folder so it would not fix anything (teach me not to fix things when my eyes are tired lol)
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