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  1. do you have the NPC Master as that is a requirement
  2. you need to build it in Bodyslide first
  3. this is being looked at though the poster and author should also look once they see the messages. i am also looking at it as well though i have not had time to do so in game yet
  4. yes the uploader was quite sloppy porting i been slowly fixing all of their stuff the big packs like this are on my ever growing list to do which ESP does it say your missing i can at least point you in the directions of it.
  5. yes it is a Chinese Site for mods.
  6. LE versions are available on 9DM as these are ports to SE.
  7. Run bodyslide to make the meshes as they are not premade. schaken switched to this method in all his latest armors and so have I.
  8. Did you make the meshes in bodyslide first as well before going in game?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Black Vipers Will 3BA Ported by Ichirou a Port of Black Viper Will to 3BA for SE ESPFE Plugin NOTE: RUN BODYSLIDE BEFORE YOU GO IN GAME OR YOU WILL HAVE NO MESHES
  10. yes they are the same. CBBE 3BBB is 3BA as the later versions were know 3BBB Advanced hence the naming change to 3BA for short hand
  11. We don't support nor make mods for use on child races of that nature. Tthis mod allows for your adult character to give birth to more then 6 kids which was the limit for a long time till I upped it to 24 kids that could be adopted.as there are actually 23 vanilla kids that can be adopted in game if the conditions are rightly done.
  12. the reason you cant find his individual armors like this is cause he rolled them all in to packs his Vindictus and BDOR ones plus he is part of or was part of TeamTAL. He posts his work on 9DM. which as you can tell is a chinese run modding site.
  13. i will take a look at my stuff i have for LE and the China sites as their links sometimes still work as well
  14. Sorry wrong version though this was the LE version. you must have the above requirements. but they should still work the author of the post has not posted in some time so not sure if they plan to fix it but i can put it on my to-do list
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