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  1. My bad first visitor is Bryling, setstage MSSA_MavensMana 10 Set Stage MSSA_MavensMana 10 is Bryling Set Stage MSSA_MavensMana 20 is Frabbi Set Stage MSSA_MavensMana 30 is Nenya Set Stage MSSA_MavensMana 40 is Maven The only other thing I can think thats making it not work is if you have a mod installed that actually deleted the Breezhome Cell and created a new one, Altering the original cell is fine, but a few mods actually delete it for some reason
  2. i got home for a bit so i am loading into the CK right now to get you the info
  3. The boss in that dungeon that you kill has the book, loot the ghost that you kill
  4. Wait is this at the beginning with Hulda or after you talk to Lilith?
  5. I will get the quest stage for you when I get to my computer, no need for sorry, its not your fault.
  6. I don't use [email protected] but others have had issue with it not installing properly with MO2 Another person had this issue and it was a mod conflict, sorry response is so late, dealing with family emergency so havent been around much, should be nenya is she alive? where is her marker on the map?
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Cuckoldress Works in LE and SE Description: For the female PC, Play as the cuckoldress. Make your spouse watch as you get fucked from other NPCs, or sell your spouses ass to make extra gold. Installation I have a habit of not making mods "Start Game Enabled", reason being is that too many can cause a CTD when loading a save in the LE version. With that said there is a book in the Temple of Mara. (See Image Below) Permissions: You have permissions to use this in your mod, or if you want to make changes feel free, but these permissions are for Schaken mods ONLY. Any re-uploads are for Schaken Mods. Please do not upload anywhere else. Future Plans: I'm currently working on a couple large mods, when they are complete, I will be voicing this and integrating it into Make Skyrim Straight Again.
  8. You can if you would like too but it will take more than a patch to do it.
  9. I look forward to seeing the edit, lol, am going to try and make more lines like that with other NPC's
  10. So i opened up the CK, in your quest log it should say: Girsta will be waiting for you in Candlehearth Hall once you have completed "Blade in the Dark" Word has begun to spread about your services, You can now approach Female Farmers, Fisherman and Hunters once a day to try and sell your services. To bypass this talk with her you can use SetStage MSSA_SowYourSeed 30
  11. You already had Hulda show up at Breezehome? Have sex with her and then go back to the jail and speak with Girsta? Sorry for the late response, a long day of work today.
  12. There is going to be a alternative in the complete version
  13. I havent added a MCM yet, but your right there is not a ton of focus on the Dragonborn being futa, its more about the women being cursed, just a few lines that may not make sense, am trying to work them out as I go, Greatly appreciate you helping out. this is why I love this site!
  14. It will be in the update, its wasn't broken, I forget to voice some of the lines, lol, thats on me, thats why she doesnt talk sometimes, the lines she have voiced work, I am doing her lines as I do Valerica's.
  15. Thank you Yes it does, it assumes that all females are Futa including the Dragonborn, originally it was made for a male PC then people asked me to add the dialogue for female. You could use it now, as long as you havent done Dawnguard, it would still work but you would miss three quest that run with the Dawnguard. Once you hit the activator it would start and alot of the original quest Road less traveled you would be able to go thru quick since some of the dialogue depending on completion of some vanilla quest.
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