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  1. No, I edited your line to add the words "Hey, Dick" when I quoted you.
  2. Thanks, that makes me feel better. It matches what I've always been called.
  3. In the Form ID list, there is 3 different Ciceros listed. And all 3 of them are different from the one that Female Cicero changes. I'll see if I can make changes to the mesh and texture files for all of them to match. Thank you for letting me know about this issue. I will also look into the voice issue.
  4. Update: The first 2 mods that I listed are no longer going to be included. 1. All Housecarl Replacer has yet to be verified that there is a fix for the sex changed housecarls attacking each other or the PC. Because of this, I will not use this mod. 2. Babes of Skyrim is very impressive on the amount of replaced named and non-named NPCs. According to the mod page, over 1500 NPCs were replaced. Because of that, I think the quality suffered. There are not that many photos of the NPCs on the mod page, and taking pictures so you could vote, I can now see why. Some of them look great, majority of them do not. All of the ones that I took pictures of ( 65 Named NPCs), they had hands 3 times the normal size of vanilla or any other NPC Replacer mod. And because of this, I am dropping BoS from the list.
  5. I do not know how to do this. So, unless someone else know how, then it will not be fixed.
  6. I'm not the creator, you would have to ask him/her. Creator still hasn't responded to me about converting them to SE yet. Even though, as you can see, I have done it already.
  7. I have begun the taking of NPC Replacer photos in game. The end goal will be to post the photos in this thread for voting on who all of you would like me to keep in the mod. This is a huge undertaking, and I don't know what the end results will be until I finish and test it out myself and with the help from the Beta Testers. I will list below what I found to be the best looking NPC Replacer mods that will be edited and combined into one mod. The only mods that will not be included are the ones made by Schaken and Hieroglyphics. The reason being is that, if voted on, you all like certain ones from Dolls and Hiero's Character Overhauls, then the corresponding mod that changes them will be removed from my mod so you can install theirs without worrying about overwrites and black/dark faces. Hiero's Overhauls (4 in total) will be, by then, converted to SE & already on Schaken-Mods website. I am doing this because I have found a few problems with trying to individually install them in the Mod Manager and they still have the black/dark face and this was the only way I could think of as a work around. Then after that I thought it would be nice to share with everyone else. All of this, in theory, should work. How it works: I will list and show photos of the NPCs that are replaced by each mod. You will vote on the ones you like the best. I then take those that are voted on that are not the vote winner and remove them from the mods before combining all of the mods into 1 large NPC Replacer mod. As I said, in theory, it should work since I will be removing the individual Face Tints, Face Geometry, Textures and ESP references from the losing mods (Conflict Losers) before combining them. Anywho. Here is the list of Replacer mods that I will be using (Alphabetically. Bijin Replacers will be combined after editing the Bijin All In One 2019): 1. All Housecarl Replacer - I am going to test this one first because of the female replacers of the males are reported to be Hostile. If that is the case, then this will not be used. 2. Babes of Skyrim 3. Bijin NPCs 4. Bijin Warmaidens 5. Bijin Wives 6. Cicero Female 7. Dark Brotherhood Character Overhaul - This will not be in the mod 8. Dolls - This will not be in the mod. - Keep in mind that I will not be choosing or listing the changes Schaken made on the replacer Dolls in the FOMOD. That will be on your own doing. 9. Elven Meridia 10. HogsMaws NPC Replacer Pack v6.0 - v6.1 should be out by the time I start my combining and converted by me and listed on our site. v6.1 will have the fixes that have been found by HogsMaws and the others who mentioned the other bugs. 11. Improved Bards 12. Males of Skyrim 13. MBWS NPC Male Housecarl Replacer - There is no replacer for Windhelm. The only replacer, individually, is from All Housecarl Replacer. But I have to test over the issue mentioned above about All Housecarl Replacer Mod. 14. Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs 15. Metalsabers Beautiful Vampires. 16. Moolgogi Replacers - There are 3 replacers in this mention. I combined them for my benefit. But, I will list them individually when I post the pictures. I am truly hoping all of you will choose all three of Moolgogi's replacers. They are beautiful. 17. Northern Brawn 18. Others Daughter 19. Others Lover 20. Pandorables 21. The Companions Character Overhaul v1.0 - Not included in the mod 22. The Ordinary Women 23. Thieves Guild Character Overhaul - Not included in the mod 24. Winterhold Collage Character Overhaul v1.0 - Not included in the mod As you can see, that is 24 different Replacer mods, 5 of which will not be included in my mod. That is a lot of work to do. So, follow this thread so you can be updated when I start posting the photos for you to vote on. Bad Wolf
  8. Thank you for doing this as a fully naked body for males. This was the best skin for males.
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