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  1. Kay eS Airdo v1.2 SE View File This presentation provided but not created by: Submitter Bad Wolf#3113 Submitted 11/21/2019 Category Body, Face, Hair Co-Authors Guest
  2. 214 downloads

    This presentation provided but not created by:
  3. Version One and Done


    This presentation provided but not created by:
  4. Version 1.3


    Original Creator of this was Funkonaut on LE - Was broken and people had to fix it on their own Unauthorized SSE Port was done by Wilmil1219 on SE - Still broken after porting and offered no fix, so people fixed it from the instructions on the LE & SE versions. So I took the time and fixed it for you and brought it here. The location is outside of Iverstead. The meadery is quite dark at night (outside), I may go into CK and add torches at a later date. I DID NOT create this, I only fixed the issue with the 2nd Bottle Rack not being referenced to the 2nd Brew Tank. The following is from the original LE version: Description: Become a master brewer in Skyrim! Construct, furnish, and run your own meadery in the world of Tamriel. Utilize an enhanced crafting system to create dozens of new consumables. Save them for yourself, or sell them in cities where market trends change over time! Please note: Hearthfire required. -New crafting game-play – mixing, brewing, aging; simulates real life brewing process -Dozens of new drinkable items (potions) and crafting ingredients -Build additions and furnishings for the meadery over time -Sell your brews in cities all around Skyrim and earn gold! -Market trends change over time -Dialogue and other key text changes dynamically based on player decisions -Fully voiced NPCs -Auto start quest when mod loads for the first time Compatibility: This is primarily a crafting mod, so compatibility with other crafting mods may be an issue, but is one I did my best to minimize. I did not alter any of the vanilla game’s crafting systems, but rather added my own onto it using custom furniture and containers. Of course let me know if you think there is an issue.
  5. View File Males of Skyrim - SE Males of Skyrim Submitter Bad Wolf#3113 Submitted 05/16/2019 Category NPC Co-Authors Guest
  6. Version 1.4SSE


    Males of Skyrim
  7. 308 downloads

    Skyrim Beautiful Followers v2.1 - SE So, almost 8 months ago, I contacted hrk1025 and asked if I could port this to SE. If you have a look at the screenshot, not only did I not get a reply but hrk1025 left the conversation. I just finished porting it and brought it here. I will remove it if hrk1025 contacts me here or through Nexus. BTW, I'm not putting this on Nexus. I am planning on removing my created and/or ported mods and bringing them here. If you want to know more about SBF then you should have a look and the LE version that I have linked at the top of this description. I did not create this mod, and this mod only replaces the faces. It does not touch the bodies in any way. You will be using the bodies that you have loaded. Same way for skin textures. This is just the all in one. There is not a FOMOD for this, though I would like to get one made so I can bring all of the different single versions of the replacers to this mod page. Some of them look better without the warpaint or scars, both on a few. Anyway, take this baby out for a test drive. This was one of the first NPC Replacers I got when I first started playing LE, I think it was actually the first one.
  8. Version 3.0


    This presentation provided but not created by:
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