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  • Skyrim's Shrouded Secret

    Skyrim's Shrouded Secret - The Final Chapter (A Futa Story) Over 8400 lines of voiced dialogue This mod was built in LE but works on LE and SE, has been tested by many! Thank you to all who did bug reports for me!   This mod doesnt not add a penis to females, that needs to be done on your end. There is a link below the videos leading to a mod that will do this How to Install Install with your mod manager (All Chapter are included

    Sexual Content 44

    Make Skyrim Straight Again

    Now Exclusively on Schaken-Mods Built in Le but tested on LE and SE, works on both   Also Feature on MXR mods     Description NO Clean Save Needed for this update.  This Mod was originally created for the Male PC but I have added dialogue for Female PC. Play quest to gain lovers throughout Skyrim. This mod was built to plat along side Amorous Adventures.   To get started: Install this mod and its requirements I have

    Sexual Content 28

    [Ashtoreth] Queen of Darkness 3BA.v2 & BHUNP

    Thank you for downloading this mod You must build in Bodyslide before using in game It can be crafted at the forge Please do not post elsewhere ESL Flag Made for 3BA.v2 & BHUNP The outfit contains: - Choker - Gloves - Stockings - Horns - Nails - Suit - Heels  Enjoy!     Requirements: Heels Sound.esm         Discord == Schaken-ModsChat == Steam    

    Outfits 8

    Ichirou's Inari Race

    Ichirou's Inari Race   Demi-god that acts as a messenger to the people and can act on the will of their sender on the mortal plane.   This will be my last Race I make for Skyrim outside of commissions.   Mage Class Stats: Restoration - 5 Illusion     - 5 Conjuration - 10 Alteration  - 5 Speech     - 5 Sneak      - 5   Destruction is included but has no boost since most Foxfi

    Other 6

    PeroPero-Armor-Pack 3BAv2 HQ + fixed

    It's a re-up of the pack MrImatoumi posted earlier. The textures are fixed and resolution got doubled. No more CTDs and eye-vomit. The meshes got polished and kurwa, no more titsticks.

    Armor 5

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