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  1. Shinobi armour for Skyrim AE

    • Verllos Verllos
    • Submitted
    Hey there, I’ve found an armour design online that I would absolutely love made for my Skyrim AE character and for future play throughs. I’ hoping somebody can help to create this for me? Happy to discuss payment and other details over my discord: Verllos#8395
    also I will attach a reference image of the armour to this post. 
    thanks so much 


  2. Pokerace Neck seem fix

    If anyone can fix the neck seem issue with the poke race where the head will ether work with fair skin or with the default skin I'll be more then happy to compensate you for your time. Love this race but that neck issue is killing me.
    SkyrimSE 2022-11-24 18-54-36-65.bmp


  3. Tanjiro Kamado *Female(3BA)

    Would like Tanjiro's outfit from demon slayer but for female in 3ba body type, with a few edits. Instead of the sock in the image I would like that removed. And instead of the buttoned shirt he has would like the slightly unbuttoned one the other image has. (Mitsuri Kanroji)


  4. SwordFighter Dress for BHUNP SE

    She is from an fetish eroge rpg.
    The only thing I don't like the outfit is the sandals because the metal strap looks like it is pasted on. also add a buckle to the sandals. If you can adjust it so that is looks like it is apart of the outfit. Add Thong white panties underneath. I would like the long sword to be usable. This will have a ground model, crafted as light armor, enchantable.  HDT with Body and Clothes Physics .  Maybe as a sexy version is have a cleavage opening but keep the same length of the dress dress.
    For accessories. Stud earrings, silver bracelet,
    Using the accessories from this outfit like the gloves and another version of the sandals.

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