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  1. Xayah from league of legends with clothes SE CBBE

    First off, i dont know if the bid is correct but I'd like to play as xayah from league and on top of that have her clothes from her base skin aswell. If possible i'd also like to have the talon like feet too. 


  2. Face preset + hair - Leliana from Dragon Age

    Hi, i'd like to commission a face preset of a character from Dragon Age inquisition. The character is Leliana.
    The features i'd like it to have are:
    -preset made with high poly heads
    -Race: Breton
    -Associated hairstyle (not a wig but a proper hairstyle selectable in racemenu) (no hood)
    -Vanilla face expressions (or perhaps, even better, female expressive facegen)
    -Body: CBBE
    -Is it necessary to specify the textures i am using as well?
    I will attach images of the character. Thanks in advance.

    (i am not sure if i correctly calculated the bid)


  3. Patrako from Cleopatra Fortune (Egyptian Forutrne Outfit) For BHUNP SE/AE

    This is Patrako from Cleopatra Fortune she is from a puzzle game made in 1996. I will be based on the first game. The dress and accessories will be separate. I want it to be treated as clothing with ground model craftable and enchantable. HDT for the clothing and body. The only addition to the outfit is to have underwear. The sleeves have a shoulder cutout so is is still part of the dress.

    Some fanart But more detailed.

    This is the orginal artwork

    In game Sprites

    1 comment

  4. Pirate queen armour/weapon and race

    Custom pirate queen armour weapons and race


  5. Megumin from Konosuba light novels

    The only other mod for this character is to say plainly, awful. It makes her look like a scrawny old woman to me. 
    This will be for AE if possible but SE would suffice. Note, the outfit mod (see below) is LE and would need to be converted. Her stats should be minimized except for destruction to cover the spell below, and she knows no other spells and she should be set to essential. I would spring for a voice actress to cover dialogue from either the Light Novels or anime series. This mod would also made available for this site and its members only.
    If this is successful, the masochistic crusader Darkness fully voiced would be a future possibility.
    Megumin Staff and Spell-34958-1-1587330018.rar ROSKonosuba_-Teen-_LE.7z


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