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12 Commissions

  1. Commission for a head port

    Hello! I have a sculpted model that I want ported into Skyrim. The model has hair, beard, and eyes as well. I would like it to have facial expressions, and be fitted properly into my body of choice. For more info, I'd like to talk through discord.


  2. privet custom female follower with cute face and cbbe body

    i was seeing there are loot of custom female follower mods for people just want one that is only for me


  3. Outfit only, from real person image.

    Hi,  This is my first time doing this.
    Statement of work
    Outfit only, torso, legs, arms no hat.

    Attached image is an approximation of the desired outfit
    Please refer me to samples of your work. 
    Bid amount will not be the sole determining factor.
    What is needed to make this work, after selection of winning bidder.
    I will provide the winning bidder with sufficient additional clear images of graphic details of the desired outfit.
    Winning bidder will provide me with a discord friend-list link for private discussions. Send to Anna Streeter#9795
    I will then provide the winning bidder with an email address for further private discussions and file transfers. 
    Winning bidder will provide me with desired form of payment (ie. check in the mail, CC, or Paypal transaction)  If Paypal is desired, a payee link is needed.
    I will adhere to the rules set forth on the Schaken Mods commissions web page.
    I will provide the winning bidder with my RaceMenu Preset files if desired.
    There will be no distribution to non-Schaken Mods websites,  Distribution (if any) within the Schaken mods website will have to be determined after the selection is made. I will confer with Schaken Mods webmaster as to whether or not to do this, and if so, how to do this. 
    Happy bidding!


  4. Monster/witcher female armor

    Hello, I would like to commission a mod outfit based off of this artwork. I was thinking the cape as an accessory and a change of the heels


  5. Scarlet Witch From Multiverse of Madness

    I Would Love a armor mod for Scarlet Witch as seen in Multiverse of Madness I Have provided a model I found that might help.



  6. Njada Stonearm a better wife (new Dialogue)

    Hello there! I’m looking for someone to create a dialogue overhaul for njada stonearm. The idea is simple I need her to have a lot more dialogue in the game especially when married to the player. The Goal of this mod is to provide players who straight up hate njada or love her like me to get a better experience out the of the game! Not a boring same old experience. This isn’t a personal mod for me or anything just something that I want to have and everyone needs to experience instead of her being a *****.
    List of requirements for the mod.
    1. Must be compatible with (RDO) Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. It’s meant for XB1 SSE
    Dialogue is custom.  elven labs is a good a.i. software for voice types unless there are other programs that would  be spot on just like it does. I’m not experienced with modding or anything this is just stuff I learned up along the way lol. It’s intended for male players. 
    2. Multiple love lines to the player. Including flirting to the player after completing the companions quest line while also working alongside the vanilla voices lines. 
    During combat more insults to enemies. When married she will give more threatening comments towards enemies. When just a follwer (not married) She will react to the enemies with threats associated with the companions guild and refer to you more as the harbinger. She will react to the player absorbing a dragon soul. She will comment on locations like Nordic ruins,caves, and all nine holds when entering the cities. If married she won’t call you the harbinger Instead calling you dear,sweetheart, etc.
    3, radiant dialogue about the player, children, and household. Including vampirism/vampire lord/werewolf and diseases. Supports and believes in talos not necessarily a stormcloak but the ideals and hatred are present. Sarcastic comments. All DLC including hearth fire. When buying a Hearthfire home she will be kidnapped. This is to provide a more unique experience instead of possibly happening
    4. Amulet of Mara. If the player is wearing the amulet she will comment on it and will flirt at you. She will give multiple responses so it’s not the same old thing. 
    ‘when traveling she will make it clear to the player what she will comment about your marital status if you have it equipped.
    5. Sweet talking. She will call the player multiple pet names. She will treat the player and always respond with a love line when married that is. When the player isn’t married she will constantly flirt reminding the player she’s a marriageable candidate. 
    contact me if your interested! 


  7. Black Orchid from KI2 inspired Fallout 4 Armor

    The idea would be to create a CBBE compatible armor mod that looks like the outfit for Black Orchid from Killer Instinct 2 (attached images) but in black instead of green.  If possible, making it look more futuristic/realistic; if so you would have complete creative freedom on the design so long as the original outfit overall shape stays intact.
    The headband would be part of the commission too (maybe as a separate head piece).
    The calves fuses would have to be part of commission and if possible should light up.
    The weapons (tonfas) are not necessary but a nice to have and would be more than willing to go higher if they glowed.
    Really excited to work with you if you are willing.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


  8. Playable Y'shtola (model from Dissidia NT) with Hair and Face (Physics / Faceparts / Race?)

    • MBK MBK
    • Submitted
    I would like to request to get the Dissida NT model of Y'shtola ported to Skyrim SE for the player character (NOT a follower and not the outfits that come with the model files).
    There are a few things I would like done with this commission and it might seem a bit outlandish.
    I want the Hair to be ported with physics (HDT SMP) and available via RaceMenu / CharGen and Wig.
    Ideally the Ears should also come with physics enabled (shouldn't have that much movement) and separate from the hair, to allow other hairstyles. If possible the Ears should be in FacePart section of the RaceMenu, though not required if it just works as an item better.
    The physics can be pretty detailed and would gladly pay more for it.
    And Lastly I would like her face to be ported as a preset. Preferably a High Poly Head. 
    How you do it is up to you, Be it as a race or a RaceMenu preset or both. Important is that you can still emote and you can still use whatever body mods 🙂
    The face textures and eye/eyebrows should also be ported ideally. (I think rebaking might be the right term?)
    Basically I want Y'Shtola to be fully playable. 😄 
    I have attached some model files. You may also get some other files as long as its source comes from Dissidia NT. Think someone ported it to xnalara aswell.
    Thank you!



  9. HDT-SMP Ysgramor

    I'm looking for and HDT-SMP conversion of the cloth elements of the Armor of Ysgramor from the mod Legacy of the Dragonborn on Nexus, the link to which is down below. Just Don't want my legs clipping through a loincloth anymore and a cape that flows elegantly behind it like it always should have. :3
    Thank you very much.


  10. Male bartender outfit.

    This is a drawing I found on DeviantArt.com 
    I dont like the collar part though, We are not dogs, so if you can leave that part out, awesome.


  11. Bespoke Follower - Skyrim AE

    I have a player character that I would like converted in to a follower mod.  I've spent hours with the creation kit and it's not working properly for me.   Any chance that someone associated with your site with more experience could help?  A zoom chat or something might be a place to start. 
    I have around 570 mods currently running in MO2.  Save data and mod list export attached.
    Save3_997D5189_0_4C65786120477265656E726F7365_AAAAAMODArmoryCastle_000109_20230117145905_999_1.ess Save3_997D5189_0_4C65786120477265656E726F7365_AAAAAMODArmoryCastle_000109_20230117145905_999_1.skse 40AE_export012323.csv


  12. Custom Hairstyles Request/Commission

    I am looking to have two vanilla-ish hairstyles created for me. They will be very similar. Both will be parted down the middle with a dramatic widow's peak (as seen in the vanilla elf hairstyles) and braided from the forehead to the nape at the neck, much in the way people make Dutch braids, where it is tied off. At this point, the hairs differ. The first hair would be loose pigtails, ideally a little wavy/curly looking (I know curly hair can be challenging to render, so this is not necessarily expected). The second would continue to be braided to the end. In terms of length, as I do not use any physics mods (or expect anyone to make these hairs work with it!), I imagine they would look better on the shorter side; I only hope they can have some reasonable length. 
    I also had a thought that the first set of ties (located at the nape of the neck on both hairs), might be tied ribbons/bows, but if that is too much please omit. 
    The only mod I use that affects how hair looks in-game is Mild Hair Colors. If the hair cannot use vanilla textures, I would like them to be very similar-looking if possible. I also only use vanilla hairs and Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair SE, so it is very important to me that they fit with that "look." 
    I included an illustration that I hopes adequately visualizes my idea. 
    Please let me know my bid is too low! 


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