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By Schaken


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By Schaken

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Found 3 results

  1. Schaken

    Belle Delphine

    Version 1.0.0


    Belle Delphine This is Belle Delphine in Skyrim!! She has been banned from Instagram and decided to come to Skyrim to take her anger out on some Dragons! Belle can be found in Whiterun "The Bannered Mare" waiting to see you! She has Custom Dialog Voiced by the wonderful Pixie ( @Pixie #6082 ). She is wearing a white tank top and some short shorts, Levels up with you, and prefers one handed weapons. I can verify she works with AFT and NFF Belle can be found in Whiterun "The Bannered Mare" Sassy Teen Dolls - by the Schaken-Mods Team Pixie - For Voice Acting HeroedeLeyenda - Leyenda Skin Kalilies - for KS Hairs RockRaven - For Designing Belle!
  2. Schaken

    How to: BYONPC

    BYONPC-Puella.m4v This is an Informational Video on how to properly use the BYONPC mod. If you dont understand something or have questions, or recommendations, please scroll to the bottom and you will find a few links on where to reach me at. 00:00 Introduction 02:31 Getting Started - What to do with your Racemenu Exported Head 03:00 Your Resource Folder 04:19 Using NifOptimizer 05:00 Using Nif Merge 08:00 How to put this head into Bodyslide 08:50 Making Touch-up Adjustments 12:50 Import your Sliders, Save, Done! Sassy Teen Dolls by Schaken-Mods Team Bodyslide by Ousnius NifOptimizer (Included) by Ousnius NifMerge (Included) by Turulo Markarth Gate - You will be able to locate your Puella Follower within the Markarth gate. From outside, walk right up to the gate, and take a right turn going upstairs. == OR == Simply use the MCM I designed and call for her. If you have any questions, Comments, Or Recommendations, Please contact us at: Discord == Steam == Schaken-ModsChat
  3. So I'm thinking... A mod that adds a clever area surrounded by creeks.(streams,rivers,etc.) Call it Schitt's Creek. An area where, when you enter a certain boundarie, you are attacked by a swarm of enemies from all directions. This will make it nearly impossible for a player to enter without followers of the best skills. Upon clearing this area a said number of times, the player is then given the choice to build his\her own home on the property. Ofcourse, this is just an idea that I had and I will be adding to it. If you read this, thank you for your interest. And...
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